Finding the perfect pup

We’ve been on the hunt for a new addition to our family. By that I mean we’ve been looking for the perfect pup. I LOVE dogs. I always have. The hubs on the other hand, is not a big fan. While he doesn’t mind them, he much prefers an independent, self-sufficient, doesn’t follow you every where you go, kitty cat. We have a kitty cat, her name is Baisley, she is perfect. But she is not a dog. (I’m sure she’s happy about this). I want a dog that I can walk, hang out with, play with and keep me company while I work.

We have a list of things that our dog needs to be or have:

  • Low allergies
  • Smart or easily trainable
  • Won’t jump (on me or over our 4ft fence)
  • Won’t eat the cat
  • Good around other dogs
  • Good around small children

We’ve been checking and checking the local shelters to try and find a dog we can adopt. We would love to adopt and save a dog from a shelter. It’s been difficult though, to find a dog that meets the above specifications. We’ve determined that this dog might be a good fit.

This is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. He is just so adorable. This picture is of a puppy, so not full grown, but they are even adorable when they are full grown.

The AKC says this about Wheatens, “Wheatens tend to be less scrappy than other terriers but they are true terriers and will be more active than many other breeds, enjoying plenty of exercise every day. They relate well to children and can adapt to city, country, and suburban life. The Wheaten is single coated and sheds minimally, but needs regular grooming to keep its coat mat free.” as well as this “The Wheaten is a happy, steady dog and shows himself gaily with an air of self-confidence. He is alert and exhibits interest in his surroundings; exhibits less aggressiveness than is sometimes encouraged in other terriers. Major Fault–Timid or overly aggressive dogs.”

This makes me happy. The Wheaten seems to have the majority of the traits that we desire/require in our future dog. So the problem lies, we don’t really want to buy a dog from a breeder due to the excessive price associated with doing so. We refuse to buy one from a pet store because I don’t support puppy mills. This leaves finding one at a shelter or rescue. I’ve looked, searched and continue to do so and have had no luck in finding a wheaten for us. I will continue to look and search, but if you have any info on how I could find one of these adorable dogs please leave a comment or message me.

Do you have specifications and requirements when picking out a pet? Any others we haven’t thought of?

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  2. Wheaton Terriers are so cute and seem to be very good tempered. If you can find a Wheaton rescue group that would be perfect and you’ll most likely find a puppy. I agree DO NOT buy from pet store nor out of State Breeders. However, if you look in the paper ie: The Denver Post and can find a local breeder go visit and look at the conditions of both parents. There are good reputable breeder’s out there, just make sure they are local and you can visit on site.

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