Inches of snow. That’s how much snow we got last week. That’s … a lot! We enjoyed it though, It’s awesome working from home because I never have to fret about driving to work in the snow. The hubs also has a pretty sweet job in that he’s able to remote access to work whenever the weather is bad. We spent Friday together in the office, working.

back patio furniture


Just like Colorado, though, Saturday morning after the snow had ended the sun came out in full force. It got up well into the 40’s and started melting away the snow.

Back deck

We spent a good portion of the afternoon clearing the drive way.

Dave also had fun “breaking up the snow” on the street with his 4-Runner.

boys will be boys

We  were pet sitting my friends dog for the weekend. She’s no bigger than our cat so it was also fun to watch her try and maneauver her way around in the snow.


19.8 inches of snow was cool. We got another 3 the other night. Colorado’s winter has been pretty dang snowy. I’m ready for spring!

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