Be Mine

I have the best valentine in the entire wide world. I don’t care what you say. He’s amazing. I adore, respect, love and appreciate him. Even though I may be terrible at showing him those things some days, I hope he knows that I truly think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

My valentine was so sweet. You see, he’s no chef. In fact he really doesn’t like to cook, it’s frustrating to him. In our home I’m the chef and he’s the cleaner-upper. For Valentines day (a couple days early) he was sweet and thoughtful enough to make a beautiful dinner for us. He left me in charge of the appetizer and he took care of the main course. He made Peppered Shrimp Alfredo.

I thought I would do a pictorial of his prepartion of a wonderful dinner.

Step 1: Ingredient prep

Step 2: He softens the onions and starts to boil the noodles

Step 3: Add in the peppers and mushrooms

Step 4: Yay, time to add the shrimp!

Step 5: Add 1 jar of alfredo sauce, a little half and half and some cayenne pepper

and… Voila! a beautiful pasta dish

Can’t forget the appetizer and drinks!

That was his wonderful dinner. Then on Valentines night he surprised me with a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s (which was delicious), 7 roses (for the number of valentines we’ve celebrated together), 2 chocolate covered strawberries and a mini tiramasu. Boy am I spoiled!!

I was not nearly as creative and just got him a card and made him chocolate chip cookie dough brownies. I need to do better next year.

It was a wonderful Valentines day! Thanks my dear for always making it so special! XOXO!

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