Home Makeover: Office

When we moved into our new home back in September we were feeling incredibly blessed and thankful that we were able to land such an awesome house. Sure there were things we didn’t like. Sure there were things we absolutely couldn’t wait to fix. But, overall we were just really excited to be in a place that we wouldn’t have to worry about re-signing a lease in 12 months or be fearful that we would have to move… again. Moving sucks.

Now that we’ve settled into the house and we’ve  I’ve had time to find every imperfect flaw in the place, it was time to get to work. (I shouldn’t say that — we’ve been making changes since day one.) Anyhow, one of the projects we recently finished was giving the “home office” a nice hefty makeover.

The previous owners used this room for their spiderman obsessed son’s bedroom. And the lady of the home was totally into spongy paint. Gross!

This is not my bag for two reasons: I do not have spiderman obsessed little boys, and spongy paint was so 90’s! Ick ick ick!

Since I work from home, I need a defined space to work from. We turned the smallest bedroom into a wonderful home office. With a limited budget I was able to makeover this room for $300, all things considered.

First on the agenda, paint!

I started off by painting the office Brown Teepee by Behr. It’s a mocha brown that’s warm and rich. Paint ($35) Supplies ($30).

Brown Teepee by Behr

I saved money by using all the furniture I currently own instead of buying new. This worked because all our current furniture is black. Black was going to be one of my accent colors so this worked perfectly.

Before I even knew what color I wanted to paint the room I found the art work for the walls. Sometimes I think this is better this way because it gives you a drawing board to work with. If I just went with any ol’ paint color it could possibly be harder to find artwork and accessories to go with it. Lately I’ve been really into typography, I love any artwork that has beautiful typography in it. Along with that I’ve taken a huge fondness to Fab.com which is where my artwork for my office came from.

Top Hat Owl - $6.00

Giraffe - $6.00

Birds - $6.00

These prints came as you see them so I still had to find frames for them once they arrived. Since they are black and white they are pretty dull on their own. I figured since I spent so little on the actual print itself I would be able to afford to have them custom framed. I took my prints to Michaels picked my frame and matte and had her work up a quote. Boy was I wrong! I couldn’t afford to have these framed in a million years. They were offering a 40% off custom framing sale and it was still going to be $154 per picture to have them framed. What was a girl to do?!

I thought a little bit and went back to the framing counter. I asked them to quote me for just the mats. Three 11×14 mattes with an 8×11 opening = $35 ahhh, much more reasonable. I was sold. I waited a week for perfect sweet potato mattes to arrive. I opted to not look for frames until the mattes came in as it was putting the cart before the horse, if you know what I mean. I picked up my mattes and went looking for frames. Now let me just preface this with the fact that I will buck up and spend the cashola on something that’s really worth it. I was willing to spend a dime or two on three decent frames. But for the life of me I couldn’t find any I liked. Finally as I was just about to leave the store in a huff I found some black frames with a brushed orange edge… on clearance… really!? How lucky could I be! I waffled for awhile on if they were “the one” and finally decided that at $16 a frame I couldn’t beat it and went for it. The result I couldn’t be happier with…

Sorry about the flash on each one. Don’t they look great, though!?

Next up was some window treatments. I didn’t really want to go boring and blah and hang some mini blinds or something similar. I really wanted that WOW affect. I wanted to make the room pop! Since I’m in there all day long I want the space to feel like me and to make me happy when I sit there. I searched and searched for trendy modern fabric that wasn’t too modern but also wasn’t too dated in style or pattern. Since I can’t sew a straight line I didn’t have faith that I could create something myself. After a long search I found what I was looking for, on Etsy. They were a little pricier than I would have liked, but do you recall before when I said I was gladly willing to pay the price for something if it was exactly what I was looking for? Well I went for it, $115 for curtains, that’s the most I’ve ever spent on curtains (I’m also pretty sure my sister-in-law would tell me I was an idiot for paying that because they are probably uber simple to make). It was worth it.

Now that I’ve given you the pieces and parts to this room are you ready for the big reveal?! Ok here goes…

The curtains!

I apologize for the cat being in all of the pictures. Overall I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s not HGTV but it’s as close as I can get on a realistic budget. I would still like to add a few more things to the walls and a bit of home decor here and there but otherwise it’s done! Be on the lookout for future Home Makeover posts as we continue to work on the rest of the house!

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