It’s been awhile…

But I have a good reason… I promise! I’ve been distant on my blog for the past couple months, I know. I’m sorry. If you’ve un-followed me because of it, well I don’t blame you. But if you’re here with me through thick and thin, through highs and lows, well my goodness you may as well be a bestie because I sure do appreciate it!

Can you believe it’s already July?! What happened to this wonderful summer that I wanted to take full advantage of? I know what happened…

This guy happened.

This is Fezzik. We adopted Fezzik from the Boulder Humane Society in April and have been busy busy little bees trying to make him feel right at home as well as teach him to be a respectful, loyal puppy dog. Except who knew how much work puppies are?! I certainly don’t remember that part from when we had a puppy during my childhood.

Fez (that’s what he goes by for short) is a “Mastador” a Labrador Retriever/Bull Mastiff mix. He was named after the Giant in the princess bride because we thought being a mastiff he might be huge. So far he’s been a bit smaller then we were expecting. He’s incredibly smart and has settled into his forever home very well.

We’ve been able to teach him a load of tricks already. The highlight of this dogs day is probably when he gets to practice all his tricks. His impressive list includes: sit, stay, come, laydown, rollover, bang! (playing dead), peek-a-boo, wait, crate and bed. I would say that’s pretty dang good for a 6 month old puppy. He’s also about 98% house trained. We thought we had made it to the 100% level a couple weeks ago but then he had an accident. He hasn’t had another one in over a week so maybe we’re almost there again.

He’s been such a joy to have around and such a fun addition to our little family. Remember when I picked out the perfect pup? Well, I’m pretty darn happy with our decision to get Fez instead of a Soft-Coated Wheaton. Although, He’s a lot of work…but really what puppy isn’t!? If you didn’t know, puppies get into everything, they eat everything, they mess with everything and they are never tired!! It has been a major adjustment period for us as we were quite used to sleeping in until 9 (sometimes later… don’t judge) on the weekends. Now, with Fezzik, we’ve not slept a wink past 7 AM on a Saturday or a Sunday. It’s okay though, we needed to learn to act like adults and wake up with the rest of the world.

P.S. I promise to start blogging more regularly again.


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