A bit about me…

Hi All,

Welcome to my batta blog. This is an entirely new adventure for me. I’ve never been one for writing, and certainly never been great at it in the past. Yet, something has been twinging at me to try this out. A ton of friends blog and I’m determined to make this a habit, not only because it will be a great recollection of things I’ve attempted, but stories of our life and other tidbits that I’ll love to look back at.

The basics ’bout me:

  • I’m a Colorado native born and raised, but moved to Illinois for 3 years after college. After 3 years in the midwest it was determined our hearts truly loved Colorado. We’re back as official residents of colorful Colorado since June of 2011.
  • I’m a college graduate. I graduated in 2007 from Colorado State with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • I married the most amazing guy in the world, he’s seriously one of the best. We met in college and got married in August of ’09. He’s a very talented Web Developer and has bounds of creativity inside of his head.
  • I’m very tall, 6ft 4 inches to be exact, I’m sure somewhere in this blog there will be rants and raves that tie in appropriately to my height. *of note, my husband is only 5ft 9 inches
  • Kids are sometime in the future, for now we’re the happy owners of our kitty cat, Baisley, who typically goes by Keex.
  • We’re on the hunt for a puppers and hopefully will find one soon.
  • We purchased our first home in September of 2011 and have been busily updating and changing it to meet our standards.
  • My inspiration to create Batta Bing, Batta Blog came from this blog. Her blog has been such an inspiration to me, my self confidence has leaped and I’ve become so much happier with who I am on the inside and more importantly on the out, because of her.
  • My family is super important to me, they are the best most amazing family, ever! I’m so lucky to have them!

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