Be Mine

I have the best valentine in the entire wide world. I don’t care what you say. He’s amazing. I adore, respect, love and appreciate him. Even though I may be terrible at showing him those things some days, I hope he knows that I truly think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

My valentine was so sweet. You see, he’s no chef. In fact he really doesn’t like to cook, it’s frustrating to him. In our home I’m the chef and he’s the cleaner-upper. For Valentines day (a couple days early) he was sweet and thoughtful enough to make a beautiful dinner for us. He left me in charge of the appetizer and he took care of the main course. He made Peppered Shrimp Alfredo.

I thought I would do a pictorial of his prepartion of a wonderful dinner.

Step 1: Ingredient prep

Step 2: He softens the onions and starts to boil the noodles

Step 3: Add in the peppers and mushrooms

Step 4: Yay, time to add the shrimp!

Step 5: Add 1 jar of alfredo sauce, a little half and half and some cayenne pepper

and… Voila! a beautiful pasta dish

Can’t forget the appetizer and drinks!

That was his wonderful dinner. Then on Valentines night he surprised me with a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s (which was delicious), 7 roses (for the number of valentines we’ve celebrated together), 2 chocolate covered strawberries and a mini tiramasu. Boy am I spoiled!!

I was not nearly as creative and just got him a card and made him chocolate chip cookie dough brownies. I need to do better next year.

It was a wonderful Valentines day! Thanks my dear for always making it so special! XOXO!


Superbowl Fooood

Well I was thinking that since I didn’t get this recipe posted before the Super Bowl that it was silly to still post it. But you know what, I think you’ll still like it. So I’m going to post it!

I for one am defenitely one of those superbowl people that could care less about the game and more about the eats, the friends and the commercials. This year we had our first Superbowl party at our new house. It was potluck style so everyone brought something to share. I whipped up a grand batch of my not so healthy but super yummy nacho sauce. This stuff is P-E-R-F-E-C-T for good ol’ Superbowl food. Not only is it a sinch to prepare, it’s a cheap and yummy way to feed a whole lotta hungries.


  • 1 Large can of Hormel Chili (no beans)
  • 2 Cans of Rotel tomatoes (Original style)
  • 1-2 lbs of Ground Beef (depending on how many you’re looking to serve)
  • 1 Large brick of Velveeta
  • 1 Tbsp Dried onion


  • Sliced Olives
  • Sliced Jalepenos
  • Chopped Tomatoes
  • Chopped lettuce
  • Sour Cream
  • Quacamole
  • Tortilla Chips


1.) brown your ground beef and dried onion in a pan. Drain of excess grease.

2.) Pour browned ground beef into slow-cooker.

3.) Add to beef, 2 cans of Rotel, 1 can of Hormel Chili (no beans)

4.) Cut and cube your block of velveeta; add to crock pot. Mix together as best you can.

5.) Turn on slow cook to Low for  2 hours. Check in on slow cooker every half hour and give it a good mix. As the cheese starts to melt everything will combine. After 2 hours turn your slow cooker to Warm.

(of  course I would forget to take a picture of the finished product! Probably because I was to excited to eat it! Trust me it’s an ooey gooey cheesey sauce, perfect for nachos)

Serve on Top of chips and pile high with toppings and fixin’s. Enjoy!


Inches of snow. That’s how much snow we got last week. That’s … a lot! We enjoyed it though, It’s awesome working from home because I never have to fret about driving to work in the snow. The hubs also has a pretty sweet job in that he’s able to remote access to work whenever the weather is bad. We spent Friday together in the office, working.

back patio furniture


Just like Colorado, though, Saturday morning after the snow had ended the sun came out in full force. It got up well into the 40’s and started melting away the snow.

Back deck

We spent a good portion of the afternoon clearing the drive way.

Dave also had fun “breaking up the snow” on the street with his 4-Runner.

boys will be boys

We  were pet sitting my friends dog for the weekend. She’s no bigger than our cat so it was also fun to watch her try and maneauver her way around in the snow.


19.8 inches of snow was cool. We got another 3 the other night. Colorado’s winter has been pretty dang snowy. I’m ready for spring!


M&M’s had the best Super Bowl commercial this year. In my opinion, anyways. Maybe it’s because I love the little M&M characters, maybe it’s because I love dancing to “I’m sexy and I know it” by LMFAO or maybe it’s because I like eating M&M’s. More than likely it’s all of the above.

For your viewing pleasure



A close runner up was the Volkswagen Beetle commercial with the adorable St. Bernard mix.

This one cracked me up!


What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? 

How To: Valentines Wreath

January flew by in the blink of an eye, and now February is here. In February I celebrate 3 holidays, my Dad’s birthday, Super Bowl and of course Valentines Day. The first two while important don’t really justify decorations.

I’ve been looking for an easy craft that I could create to start my Valentines day decoration collection. I made a simple little wreath. It totaled about $10 in supplies and about 2 hours of my time. That is certainly my type of craft project.

Here’s what you need:

  • Red, White and Pink puff balls (I purchased 2 packages of each color)
  • A 9″ heart shaped styrofoam shape
  • Hot glue gun

Here’s what you do:

Step 1:  dump all your puff balls into a bowl. Heat up your hot glue gun.

Step 2: Glue on puff balls starting in the center of your heart shape, I rotated every other color, you can use whatever pattern you like.

Step 3:  Cover the entire styrofoam shape in puff balls until it’s nice and full looking. All done! You should have an adorable little wreath that you can display wherever you choose!

Told ya it would be easy! Enjoy making your quick (and cute) heart!

Young, Fabulous and Broke

I remember the day David and I moved in with my parents in Illinois. That was a little over three years ago now, yet I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember laying on the bed in the guest bedroom working out our finances and determining that we had absolutely zero money and lots of bills to pay. That 6 month grace period you get before you have to start paying back your student loans goes by quick! We had student loans, phone bill, car insurance, etc. Thankfully for the few months we lived with my parents they didn’t charge us a dime in rent or food so that we could get on our feet.

When we moved into our first apartment in IL (with crazy high rent), I remember paying the deposit and first months rent and then feeling like that 3 month stint at my parents house never existed. All the money we saved, was gone. We were broke. I recall having a heart attack when we had to spend $250 on kitchen chairs so we had somewhere to sit. At the time, that was a tremendous expense!

Not only were we trying to make ends meet on a monthly basis we were also smack dab in the middle of planning our wedding. A wedding that we would be paying the majority of. Needless to say, this was a very stressful time. We had to figure out how to kick being broke in the butt! Thankfully, before  moving to Illinois I worked for a great boss, and at the time I had no idea he was about to help me out in a big way. He would teach me a lot of things about finances and how to set myself up for a healthy financial future. We spoke of finances often, It was great and I miss those conversations. One day he came back from lunch and set a book down on my desk and told me to read it cover-to-cover. He was serious, and said it would be a very valuable read.

This book was called The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke by Suze Orman. Now, I know many people have their thoughts about Suze Orman, heck, I didn’t know who she was until I was finished reading the book. So I wasn’t going to judge the book by the cover and you shouldn’t either. This book is outstanding. I highly recommend logging in to your account and ordering it (in hardback – this is one for the shelves) as soon as possible.

This book has definitely set the hubs and I up for a healthy financial future. We learned about our credit, and how to use it wisely and to our benefit, as well as, how to manage and take care of our student loans, create budgets and learn to save. And that’s only a tip of the ice berg! I cannot say enough good things about this book, other than it’s a shame that I had to learn these lessons on my own instead of  in a life skills or business class in High school (that’s a rant for another time).

Without this book it would have been very difficult, nearly impossible, to do any of these things.

  •  Pay for our wedding
  • Afford to move back to Colorado

  •  Purchase a beautiful home
  •  Purchase a lovely new(er) automobile.
  • And a plethora of other things

I recommend this book to anyone, even if you aren’t young, even if you aren’t fabulous (Although, aren’t we all!?), but especially if you’re broke. I guarantee you’ll learn something you didn’t know before.

Finding the perfect pup

We’ve been on the hunt for a new addition to our family. By that I mean we’ve been looking for the perfect pup. I LOVE dogs. I always have. The hubs on the other hand, is not a big fan. While he doesn’t mind them, he much prefers an independent, self-sufficient, doesn’t follow you every where you go, kitty cat. We have a kitty cat, her name is Baisley, she is perfect. But she is not a dog. (I’m sure she’s happy about this). I want a dog that I can walk, hang out with, play with and keep me company while I work.

We have a list of things that our dog needs to be or have:

  • Low allergies
  • Smart or easily trainable
  • Won’t jump (on me or over our 4ft fence)
  • Won’t eat the cat
  • Good around other dogs
  • Good around small children

We’ve been checking and checking the local shelters to try and find a dog we can adopt. We would love to adopt and save a dog from a shelter. It’s been difficult though, to find a dog that meets the above specifications. We’ve determined that this dog might be a good fit.

This is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. He is just so adorable. This picture is of a puppy, so not full grown, but they are even adorable when they are full grown.

The AKC says this about Wheatens, “Wheatens tend to be less scrappy than other terriers but they are true terriers and will be more active than many other breeds, enjoying plenty of exercise every day. They relate well to children and can adapt to city, country, and suburban life. The Wheaten is single coated and sheds minimally, but needs regular grooming to keep its coat mat free.” as well as this “The Wheaten is a happy, steady dog and shows himself gaily with an air of self-confidence. He is alert and exhibits interest in his surroundings; exhibits less aggressiveness than is sometimes encouraged in other terriers. Major Fault–Timid or overly aggressive dogs.”

This makes me happy. The Wheaten seems to have the majority of the traits that we desire/require in our future dog. So the problem lies, we don’t really want to buy a dog from a breeder due to the excessive price associated with doing so. We refuse to buy one from a pet store because I don’t support puppy mills. This leaves finding one at a shelter or rescue. I’ve looked, searched and continue to do so and have had no luck in finding a wheaten for us. I will continue to look and search, but if you have any info on how I could find one of these adorable dogs please leave a comment or message me.

Do you have specifications and requirements when picking out a pet? Any others we haven’t thought of?

My new blog…

Welcome to my new blog! I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I would like to try writing a blog. A blog about things I do, create, build, cook, bake, see, think, basically anything that I think I should write down. I hope you’ll follow me on my adventures.

When I read blogs I really like to know the author. I think it helps me visualize their emotions towards what they are blogging about. A bit about me. I’ve been married to a wonderful guy since August of 2009. In the last 8 months we’ve moved back to our home state of Colorado, got new jobs, bought a home and purchased a new car. We’re in the older half of our twenties. We’ve learned a lot so far but still have lots to learn, lots to experience and LOTS to do!

Here’s us!